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F&B Acquisition Group, LLC is the parent company of Realty Mortgage Group and F&B Financial Group and is a HUD licensed Mortgage Banker in St. Louis, MO. F&B Acquisition Group was founded by Matt Balcer and Chris Fox in early 2006. With over 20 years of combined mortgage and banking experience, Matt and Chris formed the company based on the needs of it’s valued clients and referral partners. F&B Financial Group has served as “on-site” preferred lender for St. Louis since July 2007 and Realty Mortgage Group has served as the “on-site” preferred lender for St. Louis since July 2009. Each company was founded based on the needs of our valued real estate agents partners and serves to enhance a realtor’s core business of selling homes.

Finding the right home loan can be difficult. Identifying the right company to help you obtain your loan can be even more confusing. With literally thousands of lenders from which to choose, borrowers can easily become overwhelmed. Our companies demonstrate our commitment to quality customer care by putting the people we serve first. Our mission is to set high standards of professional and personal service in the mortgage industry. Among our goals is to ensure that our clients understand the important features of a potential mortgage transaction, so they are comfortable with one of the largest investment decisions of a lifetime.

In the last decade, there have been many fundamental changes in our industry that have enabled unqualified individuals to enter the mortgage business. In far too many instances, home buyers were herded into loans inappropriate to their needs and incomes that, in fact, now place their home ownership at risk. In some instances, rising interest rates are imposing a greater and greater burden on family incomes.

Some of us in the mortgage industry watched this phenomenon with rising concern. It is our belief that new and, even, experienced home buyers have a right to sound professional advice and quality loan options responsive to their needs and life styles. Home buyers deserve to be presented with information that explains various mortgage options available to them so they can make an informed home-financing decision.

We use our residential-lending experience to provide professional and reliable home-buying counsel and financing to clients in the greater St. Louis area. Our approach is simple: we are committed to providing home buyers and those refinancing their homes with easily understandable information that defines options and explains alternatives, to help them make decisions they can live with – today and in the future.

Take advantage of our expertise in the residential lending industry. You will find that our knowledge and professionalism and the attention we give to each of our clients make obtaining your loan a satisfying experience.

You can apply online-it’s fast, secure and easy-or call me at (314) 496-9506 (cell) or F&B Financial Group at (314) 567-9795, ext. 107 for a free, personal consultation.

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    I appreciated working with Matt on my refinance. Not only was he available anytime I had a question but he also explained the process in detail every step of the way.

    Chris Stark
    The CAS Group, LLC

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    Rates change daily and fees will vary. Please call F&B Financial Group at (314) 567-9795, ext. 107 for your personalized quote.

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