How FHA Loans Work Explained By MattScottSTL with F&B Financial Group

At MattScottSTL with F&B Financial Group we want to help you understand how a FHA mortgage loan works. In all actuality, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) doesn’t loan any money, they insure it. This means that you’re considered to be a less risky borrower than someone who might not have the backing of the federal government. Our role is to make sure that you qualify for an FHA mortgage and structure our loan to reflect it.

The other pages in the FHA loan center can help you understand more about this unique program. Whether you’re trying to determine if you qualify or if you’re interested in finding out what kind of documentation you’ll need to ultimately get your loan, our site can provide you the information you’re seeking. Additionally, we’re more than happy to take your phone calls at (314) 496-9506 (cell) or at F&B Financial Group (314) 567-9795, ext. 107.

For Questions Outside of MattScottSTL with F&B Financial Group

An important resource when considering a FHA loan is the official Housing and Urban Development website. There you will find even more answers to your questions and you will be able to learn more about insuring your loan through the Federal Housing Administration.

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